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Lotus Lampshades design

Buy custom designed lampshades from The Lampshade Shop

Shop from The Lampshade Shop and buy beautiful custom designed lampshades online, with delivery across the UK, from our St Martins base. We have a range of fabrics and designs available, and will create a handmade lampshade that's specially designed for you and your home. You can browse our store to see the designs and fabrics on offer, choose what you're looking for, and can let us know more about how you want your lampshade to look. 

The Lampshade Shop silver and white floral patterned lampshade with yellow trim and tassel

Order your lampshades!

Shop from our store, and contact The Lampshade Shop to discuss your custom designed lampshade. We can't wait to bring your ideas to life, and create something special for your home across the UK.

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