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  Our lampshades are available in many different sizes so that they can be used in all situations, here are some guidelines to help you decide what size you require.
The lampshade business uses the longest 'diameter' of a shade base as it's size, NOT HEIGHT.
Table Lamps As a general guide the height of the table lamp to the bulb holder equals the width of the shade except for free standing floor lamps, see below.
Standard Lamps These are free standing floor lamps ranging in height from. 4 ft to 6 ft and will usually take a 22" lampshade but in some cases an 18" or 20",
Candle shades Available in several shapes with base diameter ranging from 4 to 5 ½"
These shades have a clip fitting which fits directly onto the light bulb
Suitable for wall lights and in multiples for ceiling fittings and chandeliers
Small Table Lamps These will take a size 8", 10" or 12" shade and may be used as bedside lamps
Medium Table Lamps These will take a size 12", 14" or 16" depending on height and can be used as bedside lamps or on a table in a sitting room
Large Table Lamps Depending on height these lamps will take a 16", 18" or 20" shade and are used in larger rooms and hotels
Ceiling Pendants We offer a variety of styles that can be adapted to hang from a ceiling, most popular in sitting rooms and bedrooms
An average bedroom would need a 14" size, with a smaller room requiring a smaller shade and a larger room requiring a 16"
American & Continental Fittings Please see our accessories page for fittings